Tuesday, July 27, 2010

What do I want to learn – The Big Picture

Zooming out. What do I want to learn to facilitate - A new and better world- a wiser, more cooperative and healthier tomorrow-a brighter future.

I suspect some recently developed web based tools will be very useful in achieving this big goal.

I want to learn how to use them as software and how to select and combine these tools to achieve in ongoing work and collaborative projects. Web 2.0 is a common term for many of these tools.

If you wondering what Web 2.0 is see the definition on Wikipedia -itself a Web 2.0 phenomena.

It appleals to me to see the literature terms, like Government 2.0, Education 2.0, Libraries 2.0 , Health 2.0 The list goes on. You can Google these terms for more.

Another way of saying this, what I’m trying to understand and master what is Health Promotion 2.0.

Being an old campaigner in my life outside of work, I also want to know all these new possibilities and public expectation mean for political campaigning, and NGO public advocacy work.

I’m aware this is a big undertaking. It will take longer than this course. It is a work of ongoing professional development.

There is an empty blog healthpromotion2.org/ billed as a how-to guide to promoting health in the 21st century that outlines in its empty structure the learning task before us.

Another source that scopes out the way towards Health Promotion 2.0 is the wiki http://technologyinprevention.wikispaces.com

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  1. As a health professional I am very interested in your comments. What I think health promotion 2.0 is about is users doing the promoting of good health as opposed to the health professionals. I am watching a lot of activity on Twitter with consumers sharing information about how to have an health pregnancy etc. I also see it as far more collaboration between health professionals and consumers. What do you think?

    PS: Sorry you're having so much trouble with Elluminate. I have to say, it comes as no surprise after my work with health organisations in Q'land last year. You'll going to have to work hard on your IT people :)