Wednesday, July 28, 2010

So many choices: What are the tangible steps

So many choices as to me learning needs and goals.

I might want to choose to develop the capacity to:

  1. Cloudsource ideas and improvements to health promotion resources that I have been involved in developing such as The Connecting with Kids cards, SEEDS (Social and Emotional Early Development Strategy) and the Healthy Bodies Health Minds comprehensive framework.

  2. Run a Community of Practice around using these resources/programs/approaches.

  3. Using wikis to get comment on project plans and grant submissions and to register community. support for grant ideas. I think Google docs might be the tool for this.

  4. Weaving together Youtube and Facebook, blogging and my email contacts to explain the strategic directions in my mental health promotion work and to engage people in a conversations about how we could work together in pursuit of common goals.

  5. Organizing launches of health promotion resources/programs and do online familiarization sessions. Use social bookmarking for evidence brokering.

  6. Deliver more inclusive online and interactive training particularly to rural and remote partners.

  7. Use email list managers, Facebook, Twitter and SMS to organize F2F or virtual events.

So many options and decisions.

  • But it is much clearer to me what I need to being doing now .

  • Practice, Play, Explore, Trial, Checkout, Evaluate, Put aside, Adopt, Reflect.

  • Master the software.

  • Take reasonable and wise risks.

  • Understand and manage the risks of these technologies. Understand identify, monitor, avoid, live with.

  • Bring along my managers, peers and partners.

  • Feed this into my professional association.

  • Be enriched by the perspective and professional conversations about these tools and the emergent Health Promotion 2.0 paradigms.

  • Share and discuss my learning with line managers and worm teams and key partners. Invite colleagues to my blog.

  • Find allies and partners for new projects.

  • Understand what resources are needed. (Time and money and IT resources are needed or these types of projects.).

  • Work towards a project plan for small online project as a practice event. This is my sand pit -a safe play space for learning and development.

  • Work towards a “Session Plan-Lesson Plan” with-in such a project. I need to set up accounts and manage all the passwords and log ins securely.

Do I need to find a buddy with someone who has mastered what I'm still to master about online facilitation?


  1. I am fascinated by the depth and breadth of your musings. Enjoying the posts.

  2. Thanks. I find you mindmap trees most stimulating for my thinking. I thinking about a systems map or a mind map to clarify my thinking.

  3. Hi Malcolm! Great post. I'm wondering what the missing thought was in your dot point list? I bet it is something really significant. I like the idea of the mini project. What were you thinking of?

  4. What I am thinking is you need a small team or group of people who have similar focus and aims because what you're attempting to do is very big. I am doing similar work in midwifery and believe cannot do it alone...

    The same movement is happening in occupational therapy. Merrolee Penman has gathered a group of half a dozen OTs from all over the world and formed a group ...can I recommend you have a chat with her to find out more about the process she followed.

    You can find out more about the OT group;

  5. I am thinking that teams are really the way to go with so much of what I want to do too. I don't know that I want to learn everything but I want to do everything too.