Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Stocktaking my relationships

Yesterday, stimulated by this FO2010 course, I did my first professional relationships stock-take.

I’ve been based in Toowoomba for 5 years and been working in mental health promotion for over 13 years.

I’m also fairly introverted. I’m predisposed towards quality relationships over quantity of relationships.

Anyway, I seem to have around quality 200 professional relationships with people out there in human services and the education sector that are relevant to my current work directions.

By this term, I think they know my name, value me because my reputation and they would give freely of their time and resources to help me and my projects.

As I’m teaching my kids say: “I’m a lucky duck”.

The task before me is better link with these people via social media. To do this I'm having a good hard think about our relationships and F2F and e-connections.


  1. Malcolm
    I am interested in your relationship stock-take./ it is quite a brave thing to do and ofetn when we (and I include I here) do such, we edit a little, so well done for placing it here.
    In terms of relationships and relevant to your work is an area I have just stumbled across which interest me greatly-
    Melinda Blau's work on the importance of what she calls consequential strangers. I think you may find it interesting of you don't already know it.

  2. Thanks Willie, I will check that out. There is also concept in sociology called weak ties.

    The Strength of Weak Ties See wikepedia for a very short summary