Monday, August 16, 2010

Risks, Barriers, Facilitators & the way forward to Online Communities

This is a Mindmap that I made up reflecting my understanding of some the Risks, Barriers, Facilitators that I might be facing.

It also Mindmaps other considerations such a return on investment (ROI), project management and adapting a host of F2F skills to the new online world we find ourselves in.

You might need to save the image and open on image software on your computer to view all the detail.


  1. I was interested in one aspect of this say we must be able to show impact and outcomes, and return on do you think we can do that?

  2. I don't know yet. It may be by doing evaluations using traditional methods and showing reach, impacts and outcomes. There are new evaluation tools that come with these new mediums that suggest new possibilities. Change in the patterns of network connections or textual analysis showing new understandings and relationships look interesting. I am also thinking it might be useful to use a

    Capacity Building Framework
    such as the one developed by NSW Health. This is so new, there are no experts yet.

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